Sunday, March 15, 2009

7 More Days in the 2WW

In theory, if we were successful this month, the microscopic [and that is being generous] embryo should be quietly making itself a home right now in the inner caverns. I keep looking for signs but in reality the likelihood of signs is almost zero and none. I try to think back to my other two previous false starts and nothing comes to mind. The only symptom was the missed period. No implantation spotting. No sore boobs.

It was actually going through the IVF process this last time where you are definitely conscious of the changes in your body. It was then that I came to the conclusion that signs, except the one that comes on 'the stick,' are highly unlikely. It actually takes the body three days after implantation to secrete HCG, which is what is detected by the pregnancy tests.

And because I remain the pessimist in this endeavor, I had a MaiTai tonight. A week from today we'll be watching the sunset from Kauai and the 2WW will be over.

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