Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a....

If you can't see it, the frosting inside the cake is blue. We had family and a few friends over to "unwrap" the gender. It was a great excuse for a holiday open house and a chance to continue to celebrate with friends and family our progress in this journey. And, it's official, we really do have a defenseman in there.

We are officially halfway through the pregnancy. At 20 weeks, I have gained about 15 pounds, my stomach is now measuring 21cm and #3's heart is still beating about 150 per minute. I am finally feeling better. Most of the queasiness is gone--it only makes an appearance when I overdo it and am way too tired.

My goal for the new year is to try to do pre-natal yoga or a gym workout three times a week. I have this great trainer who is trying to make sure that my body is ready for birth and motherhood.

Meanwhile, I am just going to try and enjoy this holiday and appreciate how fortunate we feel to finally be on our path to parenthood. I know that there are still several of you out there who are still waiting for your miracle--you have all my holiday wishes that 2011 will bring you what you desire.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inside and Outside

This was a big week for us. We had our Level 2 ultrasound where we looked at all the bits to make sure they were coming together like they are supposed to. We are happy to report that we have a healthy #3.

Looking at the ultrasound was an amazing experience. The doctor's office we were in is fairly high tech and they had a big screen for us to sit back and watch. As you'll see below, there was a lot of hand waving. Even though you know that you have this living creature inside you, it continually becomes more and more real.

I haven't really shown any "outside" pregnancy pictures because my bump hasn't been much of a bump, but tonight after a hearty Mexican dinner--it shows up a bit. I can't complain as my weight gain is about right [13 pounds so far], but it is just enough for most of my old clothes not to fit any more. When I head back to headquarters for work this week, I will be sporting almost entirely a maternity wardrobe.

Of course, we did learn this week what sex #3 is. However, we won't be announcing to the general public until Dec. 23rd. Until then, I'll be putting up a poll for you to put your guess in.