Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Milestone Passed

Yesterday we went for our first ob visit, which included another ultrasound and some unpleasantness of things being stuck where you don't want them to.

#3 [also known as Twin A] is measuring at 2cm and had a heartbeat of 166bpm. #25 [also known as Twin B] was hiding out a bit, but he finally surfaced and was measuring 1.9cm and 170bpm. Both are right where they should be, so we are breathing a little easier. Given all the pg symptoms I have, I keep repeating the mantra that feeling bad is good.

We don't know anything about gender, but I am betting on two boys--which is why I keep calling them 'he' and 'defenseman'. We won't know the gender until December. It's funny--my dad doesn't want to know. Everyone will know around him, but he believes he can remain in the dark for the additional twenty weeks.

I actually switched to a new ob. I loved my old ob, but she is 30 minutes away without traffic. With a great hospital nearby, it made sense to find someone that is just 10 minutes away. He is very understanding of previously infertile women. He is willing to see you as much as you want to feel good about your pregnancy.

It's still hard to believe that I am pregnant!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Aliens Have Taken Over

Can I just say that I am no longer in control of my body? Those two little creatures above are now ruling how I feel on a daily basis. The frustrating part is that there is no consistency to how you feel.

Most days I feel pretty good between the hours of 7am and 2pm. Today, not so much. I am starting to get the sense that queasiness is becoming a part of my daily routine. Usually, I am lucky and I don't experience it until late in the day. And, despite, having had a good night's sleep, I have just wanted to nap for the last hour since coming home from breakfast.

This is really a change for me. I have never been the type that likes to just lounge around. If the sun is shining, then I am usually getting something done--either around the house or out running an errand. I have had to take my to do list down several notches. Everybody tells me this temporary and by week 13, I'll be back to my old self. All I know is that is still six weeks away.

Until then, back to the couch for me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

24 Hours

That's how long to our ultrasound tomorrow. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Despite some low moments over the last couple of weeks [spotting incidents], I still feel pregnant and optimistic.

What does pregnant feel like for me? Tired and like a couch potato. I have spent more time on my sofa in the last two weeks than I think in the last two months. My normal energizer bunny mode has been seriously shut down. It is not easy for me to adjust. I still feel like there is a hundred million things I should be doing, but I just have to keep remembering that it isn't all about me any more.

My biggest struggle right now is to drink enough water and eat enough vegetables when all I really want is sweet, sugary things, especially when all my vices are gone. Clay said I looked like Zamboni the other night when the wine was poured at the table and I had that hang dog look. I know it's a small sacrifice, but it's hard to find a replacement for the flavor of wine. A lot of people drink for the buzz, I actually drink because I enjoy the taste.

Stay tuned.