Monday, June 29, 2009

Almost Blastoff...

We are officially at CD 12. Another 8 shots of Follistim, one trigger shot, lots of herbs and acu, plus a ton of hope. I still have five follicles in the race. On Saturday, the ultrasound showed 2 still on the left at 16.5, 13. For the right, there were 14.5, 14 and 11.

We are trying to take some of the morning procedure stress away, so we are staying up in Palo Alto tonight. Plus, it makes it easy to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday up there. We'll have a more leisure morning, maybe breakfast at Il Fornaio, and by 11am, we will hopefully be on our way to a BFP. And thankfully, Auntie J is going to watch the four-legged kid tonight.

There won't be much more to report in the 2WW [except for the POAS obsession] beta is scheduled for Bastille Day [July 14 for the non-francophiles].

My acu reports that my stress levels and pulse are night and day from when I was working, so I can only hope this new lifestyle brings some luck my way. Let's face can only do so much.

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