Monday, February 22, 2010

Close Call

Or, so I thought. I was late this month. I am never late. Clockwork is how my AF runs. So, on day 32 of what is typically a 30 day cycle, I allowed myself a couple hours of what ifs. I imagined not playing hockey that night and whispering over to my parents that I needed to do some blood work the next day to confirm a positive pregnancy test.

So, I broke down and POAS'd for the first time in a couple months. As I waited for the digital reading, I willed it to show those words, "pregnant". But, the only miracle that was happening on that Sunday was the USA hockey team beating the Canadian hockey team.

And, then wouldn't you know it, two hours later AF showed up. So, my moral of the story...if you want to bring AF on, take an expensive pregnancy test.


  1. AF sucks! So sorry! I tend to agree though. It never fails that I start after I test. Ugh!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your build up and let down. If you only knew how much I LIVE AND DIE by those rules. Whenever AF is late for me, and I just want her to come so I can get the show on already, once I poas, on the most expensive stick, she shows up. What a b**ch.

  3. Hi, Vanessa,

    This might be weird, but I just read your post on Conceive's Web site about looking for a redheaded egg donor. Do you mind e-mailing me when you get a chance? My e-mail address is fromiftowhen at gmail dot com.

    Thank you!