Monday, March 1, 2010

No Flat Belly Here

I posted on my Conceive blog last week that it was time to hit the diet hard. You would think after publicly declaring to thousands of people my intentions, I would actually make some progress.

The first four days of the diet went well and I was strictly following the Jump Start. Then, there was the cooking class I had signed up for two months ago, "Cooking with Cabernet" and then there were the friends over for dinner and then...I just stopped making excuses. Nobody forced me to eat three white chocolate macadamia nut cookies after our hockey game.

Of course, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was exactly the same weight when I stepped on it last Monday morning. As my friend Nancy would say, "Quel surprise" [It just sounds better in French.]

All I could do today was simply start over and forget about last week's false start. I have walked the dog, went to the gym and ate according to plan. There are no open wine bottles in the house, so I have no excuse but to stick to water tonight.

Why is dieting so hard? When I walked into Starbucks on Saturday, I had every intention of just having a plain cup of coffee, but then they had this new Dark Cherry Chocolate Mocha to try. I do believe that was the moment when my willpower failed me. I wish I hadn't tried it. It was like liquid chocolate covered I want another.

I think moderation is hard for me. It is either abstinence or indulgence--nothing in between keeps me on the straight and arrow.

Any tips from successful dieters out there?

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  1. Oh boy. I owe you a call anyway, and I'd probably better do that as I doubt this thing will let me write a novel.

    Short form - it's like money. EXACTLY like money. Exercise and normal metabolic usage is income, calories are spending. Spend them as you wish, *as long as they stay in balance*.

    I'm a big fan of WW, as it has no inherent limitations other than the above and does a fantastic job of helping you "budget" and "track" your income/expenditures. I lost 35 lbs on it Round 1, and only started gaining back when I stopped using the system! It's now helping me finally deal with the 10lb slide courtesy of unemployment.

    A couple of key concepts - just like money, you need to be thrifty most of the time so you can splurge some of the time without going over-budget. Plan at least 3 days of slight "under-eating", and then spend those extra saved calories with a good will one or two other days per week! That keeps you from feeling either deprived or guilty.

    Also, environmental control is crucial. Don't keep the tempting stuff in the house, period - wine (I know, I can hear your shock from here), chocolate, chips, whatever your impulse downfall is. If you want it bad enough to get in the car and go get it, fine - figure out another adaptation. But having it right there to hand is simply cruel for anyone without iron will, which is not most of us, and its absence will get you through most of the worst impulse moments safely.

    Since social times are hard on eating wisely, try to space them out - only allow one really dangerous social occasion per week, and budget for it. Otherwise, be social in ways that don't involve food and drink, or have people over to your house so you can control what is available better.

    In closing, the two "truisms" I remind myself of frequently are: "Eat less, exercise more, forever", and "Eat food, mostly plants, not too much (courtesy of Michael Pollan)".