Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Peek

Happy New Year Everyone!

This week's big event was going to get a fetal echocardiogram. Evidently some studies have shown that IVF babies have a higher likelihood of defects, so they want to get an earlier look at the heart. I am happy to report that everything looked great.

In addition to the heart, they looked at other parts. I have to say that I find the u/s technology so cool. We could see almost every bone in the spinal cord. And, yes, we did ask the tech to reconfirm that it was definitely a boy. [And, according to my husband, is exemplified by the early nose picking in the above picture.] Right now they estimate that #3 weighs about a pound. That does not explain the other 16 pounds I have gained--except for the increased bra size, that must be good for at least a couple other pounds.

I am finally starting to feel the kicks and movements. At the ultrasound this week, I could feel #3 move between when the tech did the ultrasound and the doctor came in for the second look. Sure enough, #3 had moved positions considerably--making it harder for the doctor to take a look. He seems to do that a lot at appointments.

One of the downsides of getting pregnant after a long bout of infertility is that it takes you awhile to truly believe it's real. This denial means that you don't get on top of your planning as early as you should. For instance, I almost missed signing up for childbirth prep classes before my due date. The clinic warned me that they fill up fast, and indeed they do!

Here's to an eventful 2011! Wishing everyone the year they desire!

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