Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving right along

I knew that once the holidays had been closed out it would be time to get into full gear on the baby planning. We are getting close to the home stretch. In just a couple of weeks I will be in the third trimester--right now I am 26.5 weeks. I am still feeling relatively good, though I am starting to get tired again in the late afternoons and evening. My workout routine is still a yoga class and a weight training session, plus plenty of dog walks every week.

And, I can't say enough about Harmony which is a great resource for expecting and new moms. In addition to offering a great selection of yoga classes, they also do Meet the Doula every month. Now I hadn't really been considering a doula, but when my sister-in-law recommended it after the birth of her third child, I decided to look into it. The benefits of a doula are many, especially if you are looking to either go natural or at least avoid a c-section. If you want to meet our doula, check Deidre out here. If you are thinking about a doula, keep in mind that the popular ones are booked two-three months out.

We have been trying to figure our way through all the gear. The book, Baby Bargains, has been helpful as well as advice from all the moms out there. We did finally order our crib and settle on a bedding theme.
This is Summersalt's Woof Woof and below is Bonavita's Metro Collection.

Right now I am trying to finish registering and sort through the various options for high chairs, strollers and bouncy seats. As overwhelming as it all is, I can't even begin to express how happy I am to be at this point. I still can't go to the baby store without tearing up at least once and feeling very grateful to finally be close to motherhood.


  1. I highly recommend skipping the stand alone high chair...especially if you have a small eating area. I wish we had just gotten one that straps to a chair. I still love looking at all the baby stuff. It looks like they have some new cool stuff for this year.

  2. You look great!!! Love the beds et too :)

  3. You look great. Pregnancy suits you well.:) Hoping we do dinner soon with Trina. Would love to see you girls. I still tear up and Olivia is 7 months. The wonder and miracle of my baby girl is never forgotten.