Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time is Flying

The big day is going to be here before I know it, and I am starting to have those feelings of not being prepared. I can just hope that little #3 hangs tight and doesn't come early.

To that point, Monday marked the first day of weekly NST testing. Nothing is wrong, but my ob Dr. S understands that I am a bit higher risk and wants to make sure that this journey has a happy ending. My first NST was in the morning, which isn't an ideal time as #3 tends to be quiet in the morning and a large part of the test requires that the baby be active. It took ringing a loud alarm to get him moving--hopefully this isn't a preview of school mornings to come. This next week I am going to try it at 4pm when I know that he is moving around down there.

I also had an unremarkable ob visit at that time, except for being referred to a specialist for a problem that is "a pain in the butt." Every pregnant woman seems to have one symptom that makes her life a little difficult. I know a lot of gals who are suffering from reflux--thankfully I am not one of them as I like to eat. I'll take the back end problem even as uncomfortable as it may be.

Tuesday night we went to our first childbirth prep class. The husband was a good sport, given that he had to give up a SJ Sharks game that night. Evidently the key mantra to childbirth is "Relaxation=Dilation". I am sure that is easier said than done. I do not plan to do natural childbirth--my pain tolerance is low, but I do hope to avoid a c-section. With our doula, we'll get started soon on writing a birth plan.

Part of the reason I am behind on blogging this week is that I went for one last girls' weekend. It was a great weekend and I know the gals enjoyed spending some time with the pregnant mama. I wanted them to feel him kick, but he never seemed to be good at putting on a show when demanded. I really appreciate their support in my life and they are going to be some fantastic aunties!

Sunset at Pismo Beach

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  1. Vanessa, you look fabulous "dahling..." keep up the good work, can't wait until "d" day xo Ruth