Wednesday, March 7, 2012

T- 2 Months

In two months the little guy will be turning one.   I look at the last ten months and am just blown away by how fast the last few months have gone.   I made it no secret that those first couple of months were not the bliss I was was seeking.  They were hard and I was unhappy.   Yet, I wouldn't change a thing--except wish that I had taken Franklin to the pediatric chiropractor earlier.
I got up too early today.  I'll snooze while mom and dad suffer.
 I wouldn't say that Clay and I are completely in our groove yet, but we are starting to find that balance of being active parents while still being ourselves and a couple.   In fact I am writing this from a coffee shop, enjoying a baby-free mocha and my thoughts.   I'll return in an hour and Clay will go do his weekly off-ice workout class.   One of the ups/downs of being an older mom is there is a higher desire for self.  Just having this hour will energize me for the day.

I need all the energy I can muster these days as Franklin is moving and grooving whenever he is not confined to a stroller or a high chair.   He's not walking yet, but the bets are on....  Someone thought he'd be walking by next week.  I think he'll definitely do it before he's one.   He's trying to learn to stand--he does it for a half second before falling on his bum.

To feed all that energy, he is quickly starting to leave the baby foods behind and eat as many real things as he can.   Yesterday's breakfast included his first scrambled egg yolk and bagel with cream cheese.    For dinner we are often having ground beef, turkey or chicken which he will voraciously stuff in his mouth.    You would think that we never feed him.   Zamboni is very pleased with this turn of events as anything that doesn't make it into Franklin's mouth ends up on the floor, and ultimately, in Zamboni's belly.   We are going to have to keep a close eye on the dog's weight with this new turn of events.

As near as I can tell my return to an office full-time has not affected him.  There are still plenty of smiles in the morning and the evening.  You do really learn to appreciate the time you have with him.   When I am with Franklin, I try to refrain from doing anything else.   No cell phones, no laptops, no televisions.   It's not always easy, especially when there is still an hour or two left in the "informal workday" [after five pm].   What I do miss is some of the play dates with the moms--almost all of us are back working now.   Our only opportunity to get the kids together is usually on the weekends.  

So, it has taken me almost five days to finish this blog....Today I had my first away from baby meltdown.  I ran to the coffee shop to fuel up for a late work night and someone had their baby with them.   It just made me cry.  I had only ten minutes with him this morning and wasn't going to make it home tonight.  I know that working is the right decision for me, but it just isn't easy when you leave this face behind.

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  1. What a handsome guy! I can't believe he'll be one in only a few months.