Friday, September 11, 2009

28 days....

Almost unheard of for me to be at 28 days, but today is officially CD 1 of my last unmedicated cycle. I didn't get acupuncture this month. I can tell the difference. Everything isn't "flowing" as well as it normally does. The cramps are greater, but I do think the diet has stemmed of some of the emotional PMS as well as the bloating.



  1. Thannks for being so honest. I am 44 and this month marks a year of no BFPs. I sought help last month and was told it is unexplained infertility....gee, I feel so much better. Our insurance doesn't cover treatment, just diagnosis and since I don't have $5k lying around, I have decided to just keep trying the old fashioned way. I can't justify going into debt for something with only a 5% chance of successs. My heart says to go for it, cost be damned, but my head says how the heck will you ever pay that off. Anyhow, I have enjoyed your blog. It has helped.

  2. I was thinking about getting acupuncture done. Never tried that yet. Good Luck on your journey!