Saturday, October 10, 2009

Officially on the IVF path...

AF came yesterday. Even though I knew five days ago, there is still always the hope up until the very end that maybe this was the month.

I started the birth control pills yesterday....still is always odd to me that you use birth control pills to increase your fertility, but I trust that the doctors know best. I am now saying no to adult beverages....I can only hope it will be 12 months before I have another! I am trying to get back on the organic, good for you multi-grain diet, but that is tough. Nobody around me ever shares that desire and brings over yummy lemon rings with nothing but flour and sugar in them.

Still trying to keep my stress levels down. Grandma is now at a convalescent hospital, but she is on a very slow recovery path. My mom and I take turns going to visit her and keep her spirits up.

Tomorrow I will resume acupuncture. I am so looking forward to it. I truly believe I feel better when I get the acupuncture regularly.

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