Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two days until baseline

The hysteroscopy went fine on Thursday. For more details, check out my next Conceive blog posting.

On Monday morning we will get our baselines ultrasound. I am not expecting suddently having 10 resting antral follicles on each side, though if I had a total of 10 I'd be ecstatic.

If I was a betting woman, I think we are going to see four on each side. Eight total would make me happy. You then start doing the math...eight eggs, four fertilize, two are decent...then you have something to put back.

I am still struggling to get my head in this cycle. There is still too much going around me like remodeling the house, taking care of Grandma, looking for work. This weekend we are going to try and restore some order in the house where we can. I need for some area of my life to feel settled [besides my love life]. I suppose though it wouldn't be my life if it wasn't totally crazy like this.

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