Sunday, November 7, 2010

Traveling while PG

I am bummed that I haven't kept up with the daily blog for the 30 posts in 30 days, but the problem with being pregnant is that you really can't predict your energy level on any given day. We had a dog with digestive issues last week that seemed to peak between the hours of 1am and 5am. I was so tired every night. In some ways, it is a preview of what is to come in 26 weeks, but I'd like to get some sleep now!

That said, instead of dreading my trip East for business this week, I looked forward to it--and the promise of six nights of uninterrupted sleep. A lot of friends have been concerned that I continue to travel for work, but I am trying to do it with more common sense than I ever have. I am developing new rules for the road--all designed to keep stress and strain down:

1. Have food with you at all times. I keep myself stocked with energy bars, plus assorted other foods. You can't rely on the airline food carts--they often run out of food before they get to your row.

2. Have water with you at all times. We all know how important hydration is during pregnancy, and when you get on a plane, your needs almost seem to double. Again, you can't rely on the airlines. Bring a very large bottle on the plane. Today, beverage and food service didn't begin until two hours after takeoff.

3. Check your bag and ask someone to pull it off the luggage conveyor. Ask the rental car folks to lift it in the trunk. And even if you are staying at a minimum service hotel like the Hampton Inn, they will almost happily help you if you ask.

4. Arrive early to the airport, minimize your connections. Airlines don't make it easy to keep your stress levels down, but you have keep your passenger in mind.

5. Because you are drinking so much water, you should need to get up every couple hours. If not, do it anyway. Blood clots are always a potential threat and even more so during pregnancy.

6. Take some real time for yourself. Read a book. Watch a movie.

Time for me to catch some ZZZs.

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