Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Mr. F

Dear Mr. F-

Mom’s a little emotional this weekend.  She can’t believe that this time last year she was in the hospital waiting for you to make your debut—a lifelong dream finally coming true.  

When we had your christening last month, we were asked to give you a blessing.   Ours was very simple.  You bring a tremendous amount of joy to the people who you come in contact with.  Your smile is infectious and makes even the grumpiest of souls melt.  All I want for you is to be as joyful tomorrow [and the many tomorrows ahead] as you are today.

It doesn’t matter if it is your grandpa, your grandma, your nana, your poppa or, even your great-grandma, when any of them are with you, the pictures show how happy you make them.  And, that is truly priceless. 

Mom and Dad would never have it made it through this first year, without them and the many aunties and friends, who were there to bring a dinner or a cup of coffee, take a morning feeding or just offer some encouraging words when we were sleep deprived and not sure how we were going to make it as parents.  
Those first four months were some of the hardest ever, but then these last eight have flown by so fast… 

You are so close to walking.  You just need that confidence to keep putting that foot out front and trying to move forward—and not be afraid of falling.  Mom promises that she’s going to be there as long as she possibly can to give you that encouragement and confidence to go forward in the world.  She’ll be in front of you, behind you or walking beside you in the coming years…  you’ve got her heart and her love forever.


  1. Happy Birthday Franklin! Sorry I can't be there today, but maybe I will get to see you next week. I hope so!



  2. Happy Birthday to the whole family! What a milestone! He is unbelievably adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday little man! Can't believe it's already been a year... Congrats Mom & Dad!