Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fifty Shades of Tired

When I start to blame my lack of blogging on working, I stop myself as I know stay at home moms who are having just as much trouble as I am in keeping their blogs up.      The problem is that once the kid is in bed, there is just so much left to do and no energy to do it.     I use my reserves to cook dinner, pay bills or walk the dog.   On the nights where there is nothing left I simply veg in front of the television.  And, there is a lot of couch potato action these days.   

I never was a couch potato, but motherhood has zapped something from me.   About January I went to get a physical because I couldn’t stand not feeling like myself any more.   I appreciate that my male doctor heard me out.   Being a parent, he made some suggestions that helped such as “turn off the baby monitor”.   F’s room is close enough that if he is truly upset we will hear him.   In the morning as we all start to wake his babble is unmistakable.  He also told me what I already knew….exercise, it does a body good.  Easier said than done, which is why the dog is also five pounds overweight as I write this.

My doctor ordered all the standard tests—thyroid, vitamin D [super low].  I went back to acupuncture, took my vitamins and I did start to sleep through the night again.  Yet, six months later I am still tired, not exercising and not blogging.   Though, I can tell you about the season finale of The Bachelorette [weakest season ever].  

How do I get over this hump?   Is it a physical block or a mental block?   Or, is it all connected?  This is where I am calling on my extended mom community out there.    How are you feeling these days?  Are you getting enough sleep?  Do you feel normal again?  

In re-reading this post a day later, I sound like I am whining…and maybe I am, but I just want to be a strong, athletic woman again and not the reigning champion of couch bowling.


  1. So, I'm not a mom but I hope you won't mind me replying. :)

    A) It is all connected. The mental fuels the physical which fuels the mental and it becomes a vicious circle. But, it can also be a virtuous circle if you can get it going the right way again.

    B) What motivates you? Are you a goals person? Are you a "gold star" person? Do you like numbers? Are you an all or nothing person? Do you like rewards?

    Find what motivates you and use that to your advantage. Maybe it's a special date night with your husband with no guilt of leaving the little guy at home. If that's a good reward use it to set achievable goals. And, try not to have the goals be about food (or alcohol). Try to have them be about things that will help motivate you to push harder. It might be taking the dog for a walk every night for two weeks or buying an exercise DVD and getting off the couch and doing the DVD every night for a week.

    If you like numbers, you might want to invest the $90-100 in a Fitbit. It's a fancy pedometer. My goal for July is to set an average baseline with my fitbit of about 2500 - 3000 "steps" per day and then to beat that average in August by 500 steps per day.

    If you need external, peer motivation, look in to fitnesspal or one of the other similar sites and see who you might know that's using it (it has Facebook connect). Even if you don't use it for the calorie counting, it could help keep you motivated to record your exercise (and do more exercise since you know people will be waiting to see what you record).

  2. Thanks Sue Anne....this is the kind of advice I am looking for.

  3. Hi Vanessa, so sorry to hear you are feeling tired! My recommendation is to go off all sugar and carbs for two full weeks. Cut out everything but veggies and protein. It's just two weeks, not forever, but will give your body a chance to detox and get into a fresh groove. I think the energy and excercice will fall in line from there. Alla (oh, and drink piles of water too)

  4. I don't have a lot of newness to add except that holy hell I am with you! I need a visit from the energy fairy. I have heard amazing things about fitbit and everyone I know with swears it motivates them. I may have to look into it....