Monday, March 8, 2010

Still struggling

Despite all the good advice of my friend on my post below, I had another no win week at the diet. I did make my goal of five workouts last week. I feel slightly less flabby, but the scale is not my friend.

It didn't help that I had a friend who had a really bad week and that involved some chick flicks, karaoke and wine therapy. How was I to know that in exploring Persian food, I would encounter huge mounds of rice---never before seen in such epic proportions. The excuses continue to be many.

That said, this is a new week. I am flying out for business today and I did something I never did before. I packed my lunch. I have a flat belly approved, MUFA rich lunch. The only thing that can really do me in is that Delta serves those darned Biscoff cookies. A cup of coffee and some cookies, music to my tastebuds.

I wanted to go to the gym this morning, but a longer dog walk won out. I was feeling guilty enough that I was leaving the poor pooch. Zamboni used to have the working parents lifestyle--crated every day and lived for his daily walks. Now he has the work at home lifestyle--couch during the day and plenty of tidbits while I am around.

I just have to keep trying to make the right choices. I packed my gym clothes. Even if I can squeeze in one workout, that will be better than none.

That's my pep talk to my self. Time to go squeeze into the sardine can.

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  1. You are doing great, IMO-packing your lunch and actually thinking about your decisions are huge steps!